About Andrea

Happy Andrea on a run
In my better element.

Who am I?

First, I was always a runner. That’s more than 33 years now (yikes!)

No, wait. First, I was always a researcher and reader. Even before the running. The groundwork for nerding out on anything and everything was always there.

So there’s reading. Running. Researching. Writing. Ultrarunning. Cooking. Thru-hiking. Restaurant Reviewing. And now you’re here, with this bottomless piece of passion that includes getting outside with useful outdoor gear, my hobby since 1998. What gear works and why, what doesn’t, what is great for women, what works for men but not for women, all of it. Contact me if you’d like specific advice on trails or gear shake-downs, or even ultrarunning. I’m pretty nerdy about that, too.


My experience with life and running and being a woman has led me to interviews on several podcasts. If you’d like to hear about ultrarunning, nutrition, the mechanics of organizing the Hardrock 100, eating disorders, and just being … me … feel free to have a listen.


Ten Junk Miles: Scotty Kummer interviewed me for a long rambling 3 hours of personal history, midwestern roots, being a black sheep, and therapy.

2013 (!!)

Finding Our Hunger: Kaila chatted with me about a LOT of body image crap, running, nutrition, and self-worth. This one went deep for me at the time…. yet I’ve gotten far better at owning my shit since then.

Elevation Trail: Gary David and Tim Long banter with me on how ultrarunning has changed over the 15 years since I started participating, the ins and outs of the Hardrock lottery, and we even talk a bit about women stuff.