Eat and Run Happy: I am Your Ally in Deep Health

Build a better relationship with nourishment and movement.

You want to just feel better. You’d like to workout and really love it, not see it as an obligation or a “should”. Nutrition is part of this. Feeding your body is more than food. It’s sleep, rest, emotional health, body awareness, mobility, and more. Build DEEP health with me as your guide and your ally.

WOMEN ARE NOT SMALL MEN: Who is my tribe? All the dirt-loving, trail running ladies: YES, YOU! Women can use some of the same training and recovery fundamentals as the men out there, but it just won’t work as well. We strong and tenacious females need to adjust just a few things in order to fly through our miles with grit and joy. Our bodies react to workouts, food, and even rest based on where we are in our cycle – and it makes a huge difference in how you should approach each day’s activities.

HOW I WILL HELP: I coach nutrition with a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. We’ll build a better relationship with nourishment that exists independent of any meal plans or calorie counting.

And in running, I have 30+ years running experience, including 24 years in ultramarathons! You might be able to learn from both my tenacity and my missteps: THAT’S how I get better and help you. You can learn a LOT from a race not finished and I have a good handful of those, too.

My knowledge is made even better by dozens of other ultrarunning experts that line my bookshelves. Some I call personal friends. I’m thrilled to have read some of the best cutting-edge research done on women in endurance sports. Finally, research on women! Thank you to Dr. Stacy Sims and her incredible team of researchers.

WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE? Pick my brain for a whole 2 hours on running, nutrition, ultramarathons and more for a one-time consulting fee of $129. Ongoing monthly coaching is $100. Need something special? Drop me an email and we’ll work out a plan.

Ready to begin, right away? Fantastic: I love a person who’s decisive! You have two options: ongoing coaching or a one-time 2 hour consultation.

One Time 2-Hour Consult $129

Monthly $100 (Recurring)

Or, just want to chat first? No problem! Just fill out your name and email to get your coaching needs narrowed down.

ANDREA’S ULTRA EXPERIENCE: I started running on track and trail in 1988 (hello, Nike Air Pegasus!) and running ultramarathons in 1997. My racing highlights:

  • Hardrock Hundred (3 finishes)
  • 100 Mile WIN at Antelope Island Buffalo Run in March 2019: 21:32:00 PR at age 44!
  • 50K PR at the age of 44 in 5:16:xx (down from 5:22 in 2004 at age 30!)
  • Wasatch Front 100 (2 finishes, best time 30:46)
  • San Diego 100 (3 finishes, PR of 27:27:xx in 2019)
  • Angeles Crest 100
  • Black Canyon 100K (2 finishes)
  • San Joachin 100K (first female in 2017 while negative splitting)
  • San Juan Solstice 50 Mile (2 finishes)
  • Old Pueblo 50M (2 finishes, one sub-11 hours)
  • Pikes Peak Marathon (3 finishes including a double)
  • a good handful more over here at Ultrasignup.

Other Adventures: in 2017 I thru-hiked the Colorado Trail solo in 25 days, and I have run the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim, solo, TWICE. My 2nd Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim was on my 44th birthday, in a new PR of 13 hours and change. I’ve also run some road races in my mid-30s and did pretty well for a tenacious runner:

  • Boston Marathon (2 finishes)
  • Napa Valley Marathon (3:21 PR)
  • Half-marathon PR at 5000′ elevation: 1:35:50