Gear Picks Series

So. Much. Gear.

I am still a minimalist-at-heart, and this means that I can have a bit of buyer’s remorse when adding a piece of gear that isn’t strictly necessary. (A pillow?) It also means that sometimes I get RID of gear that is perfectly good and useful because it isn’t useful “enough”, whatever that means (RIP super-warm REI sleeping bag!). I probably have some “ownership issues”, but that also means I research the BEJEEBUS out of my gear. By the time I own something I probably know more than the owner of any outdoor shop about my choice and its competition.

All of that said, there is a good grip of gear I utterly adore. That’s the purpose of this page: to catalog as a series the gear that works for me and why. Each group of items gets their own post, and each item gets a link to where you might be able to procure one of your very own. Disclosure: some of those links will benefit me financially, while taking profit away from one of the largest corporations in the world. So that’s win-win, right?

The Big Three: Shelter, Pack, Sleep
Clothes: Worn While Hiking
Kitchen: Stoves, Cooking, Food!
Technology: Communication, Safety, Documentation
Everything Else!?
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